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My New Podcast is Coming!

After considerable thought, I've decided that the best way to get the interesting stories of my family tree research out to everyone is through a podcast. I've never done a podcast before, but since I seem to be in this phase of trying new things, I am ready to give it a try.

While I will also love writing, I understand that people are often too busy to read reams of webpages about my interesting family members. Usually when I see family and friends, they ask me about my research and what I've found. Even though I have pages of information listed on my website, they want to hear directly from me what I have discovered, and how I did it.

I am hoping to transfer a lot of the information I already have on my website to my podcasts, but also add some tips and tricks that will help others with their research. I will, of course, speak about the many famous, and the few infamous relatives that I have found. Hopefully my voice will be suited to such a medium (like most people, I cannot stand the sound of my own voice playing back on a recording!), but I have been assured by several people that it should be just fine.

I am in the process now of organizing my scripts and, as soon as I am over this nasty September cold I've managed to pick up, I will start recording my first series of podcasts. Even better, podcasts are 100% free to download and listen to.

If you are interested in being notified when my first podcasts are available, please join the mailing list on my website at


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