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Amy Adams, aka
Amy Lou Hill, 
11th cousin (paternal)

Amy Lou Hill, known more commonly as Amy Adams, is my 11th paternal cousin through my 10th Great Grandparents, Henry Burt and Eulalia Marche. Henry and Eulalia are also Amy's direct great-grandparents, hence the lack of an "X" times removed for this celebrity cousin.


When I first discovered that Amy and I were related, I have to admit that she looked very familiar to me, but I had no idea who she was (sorry Amy!). Amy does have very familiar family features and looks a lot like my niece, Jessica. It may just be a coincidence, but my niece and Amy definitely look similar. 


I then realized that I did know who Amy was - she played the role of Julie in "Julie & Julia", a movie about an aspiring chef and blogger who tried to cook every one of Julia Child's recipes. I had watched the movie several times during flights to and from China, and I enjoyed the movie and thought that Amy was excellent in the role of Julie, and I also loved Meryl Streep as Julia Child).


Amy has, of course, performed in many other roles such as that of Amelia Earhart (another cousin of mine!) in Night At The Museum,  Lois Lane in Justice League and many more. For a complete list of all the movies and TV shows in which Amy has appeared, check out her biography on


Like all of the other famous celebrities that I have discovered in my family tree, I have never met Amy, yet with any luck, one day I will. I


Yet another Hollywood star that shines brightly in the Taylor family tree.

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