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Albert Einstein & Our Family Connection

Oliver Sterlingfleet Locker Lampson was the stepson of my cousin, Lady Charlotte Christian Bruce, known as Lady Locker. Lady Charlotte had been married to Frederick Locker, Oliver Sterlingfleet Locker Lampson's father, after the death of his first wife. Oliver was elected to Parliament in January, 1910.

Locker Lampson had been asked to participate in the assassination of Rasputin in 1917 while in Russia and was on good terms with Winston Churchill. During the 1930's when Winston Churchill was unpopular in English politics due to his actions during WWI, Oliver was one of the few people who continued to support Churchill.

Partly because of his experiences in Russia during the Bolshevik Revolution of October, 1917, Locker Lampson became a staunch anti-communist. In 1933 he turned his political attention to fighting fascism in Europe and put forth a private members bill to extend British citizenship to Jewish refugees fleeing Nazi persecution. Although this bill failed to pass, he provided Albert Einstein with safe refuge at a camp located near his home in Norfolk. The photo above and below show Einstein with Locker Lampson while in England.

Oliver also assisted in saving other high profile Jews from the Nazis in Germany and Austria, including Sigmund Freud as well as many ordinary Jews whom he personally sponsored to ensure their safety. 

Although his age and ill health prevented him from taking an active military role in WWII, Locker Lampson continued to support Winston Churchill's efforts.

Through the efforts of this relative, Albert Einsein, one of the Twentieth Century's greatest minds managed to escape the Nazi terror that killed millions in Europe.

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