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Albert Victor Baillie, The Very Reverend Dean of Windsor, My Paternal 4th Cousin, 4 x Removed

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The Very Reverend Albert Victor Baillie, my paternal 4th cousin (4 times removed), son of my paternal 3rd cousin, Francis Anne Bruce and her husband, Evan Peter Montagu Baillie, was the domestic chaplain to HRH King George V, HRH King Edward VIII, HRH King George VI and HRH Queen Elizabeth until his death in 1955.


Born on August 5, 1864, Albert was educated at Wixenford, Marlborough and Trinity College, Cambridge. He was ordained in 1888 and had a 27 year career as Dean of Windsor.


Albert and his family lived at The Deanery, Windsor Castle.


Albert died on November 3, 1955.


Yet another family member who had some ties to the Royal Family, this time close ties to the current Monarch.

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