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The Trotter Men

Major General Henry Trotter, 11th Baron of Mortonhall
4th Cousin (Paternal)

Above photo origin


This is my paternal 4th cousin, 5 times removed, and his 4 sons (also my cousins), Major General Henry Trotter, 11th Baron of Mortonhall, Knight of the Grand Cross (Deputy Lieutenant). Accompanying him are his sons, from left to right: Captain Reginald Baird Trotter (killed in action, 1915), Colonel Edward Henry Trotter (killed in action, 1916), Brigadier General Gerald Frederick Trotter (Companion of The Order of Bath, Order of St. Micheal & St. George, Distinguished Service Order and Casualty Visiting Officer) and Colonel Algernon Reginald Trotter (Distinguished Service Order, Member of the Royal Victorian Order).


It is not surprising to come across more ancestors who have a distinguished military career (my family is full of these heroes on both side of my family) but it is surprising to find so many military figures of distinction in one family.


Henry Trotter was Major General commanding the Brigade Of Guards and General Officer commanding the Home District a position to which he was appointed in 1895 and 1897 respectively. Henry held these positions until 1903. Henry held the position of Chief Staff Officer to the Duke Of Connaught during the preparations for the coronation of King Edward VII in 1902.


The family lived at Mortonhall House, built in 1769 and updated in 1835. Photos of the house are shown (photos courtesy of Bryan Hickman) below. Mortonhall House still stands today and is a Listed historic building.


Henry married Eva Gifford in on May 24, 1866, at St. George, Hanover Square, London (a church where many of my ancestors, including my Great-Great maternal Grandparents, Richard and Eliza Tinsdill married). St. George Church still stands today and is a large impressive structure in the heart of West End London. Many celebrities now choose to marry at this church.


Henry and Eva had 5 children including 1 daughter not listed above - Meta Trotter.


Henry died in 1905. 

Trotter residence
Trotter estate
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