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I am an amateur genealogist who started formally documenting my family tree back in 2002 after I realized that I didn't know as much about my family as I thought that I did. What started off as curiosity soon became a full-blown obsession with knowing who my family was, where we came from, and what circumstances landed me where I was. As I began to research my family history, I soon discovered that I knew very little about my ancestors, and that just didn't suit me at all! 

Through the years I have used all sorts of research tools starting with a good old fashioned review of as many family records as I could find. I then started relentlessly (but nicely!) questioning other relatives to try to point me in the right direction. I also visited dozens of cemeteries here in Southern Ontario looking for family members. When I had exhausted those clues, I joined which opened up a world of information which both helped and hindered my research. I learned quite quickly that even information contained on must be carefully vetted and all facts checked and verified. 

In my opinion it is very important to ensure that the data used in a family tree is correct whenever possible. Since I started finding "interesting" ancestral discoveries in my lineage, I have even gone as far as to have paid a significant amount of money to professional genealogists to verify my information (which they did, except for 1 minor mistake). Once I was satisfied that my research methods were valid, I pushed ahead with renewed confidence in my abilities as an amateur genealogist.

The results of my on-going research have been astonishing to me. I had no idea that my lineage included so many well-known historical figures, nor did I know that that same lineage contains living people who are also well known. The information that my research has uncovered is priceless to me, and the sheer quantity of stories of my ancestors and distant cousins still manages to amaze me. 

I want to be clear on one key point: I have not met, nor do I have any personal relationship with any of my living (or dead, for that matter!) distant cousins so if you are looking for information about how to contact them, what their favorite color is, etc., then I'm not the person to ask. I have simply included their stories so that other family members - distant or close relatives - can learn more about our shared family. My goal with documenting as many relatives as I can - famous, infamous or just "plain" folks - is to satisfy my own need to understand where I come from, and what is possible if we really put our minds to accomplishing our dreams. I also hope that in some small way, this research will help other family members believe in themself when they see how many truly great people share our genes. 

I am always open to helping other family history researchers whenever I can, so if you see a relative's name on my website, feel free to reach out to me and I will do my best to try to help you with whatever I can. You can reach me through the contact page on this website.

Aside from my interest in genealogy, I am also an avid car enthusiast, traveller, writer, business person, animal lover, gardener and history buff. 

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