I am an amateur genealogist, professional business person, and a lover of history and interesting facts. I recently combined these hobbies to pen the novel "Bloodlines: Cove Point Manor" so I guess I am also an author. My book was loosely based on some interesting family history which allowed me to combine my years of research with my love of a good fictional story.

This website has been put together in an effort to preserve the vast amount of information I have discovered about my own personal family history. Along the way I have also included more than one interesting person who, while not a direct blood relative, had a significant role in the lives of various family members.

Along with my other interests, I also have a significant interest in historical buildings. The slide show below contains pictures of several significant family homes that my ancestors have occupied at some point during their lives.

Chatsworth House
Warwick Castle
Dunnikier House
Ramornie House
Broomhall Castle
Kinnaird Castle
Rangemoore Hall
145 Picadilly London
Douchfour House
Ragley Hall
Arundel Castle
Bennochy House
Leigh Court
Kinross House
Highclere Castle
Hardwick Hall
Castle Howard
The Deanery Westminster Abbey
The Deanery Windsor Castle
Mortonhall House
Montagu House Whitehall London

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