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Oliver-Stillingfleet Locker-Lampson

Oliver Stillingfleet Locker-Lampson

My cousin, Charlotte Christian Bruce, better known as Lady Locker, was married to Frederick Locker-Lampson. Frederick's brother was Oliver Stillingfleet Locker-Lampson, making him my cousin's brother in law.


What makes Oliver interesting aside from his marvelous name is a combination of things. Oliver was a barrister, a journalist, an MP in Great Britain for 35 years as well as a Commander of an armoured car division during World War I. However, what I find most interesting about this extended family member is that he was involved in a plan to rescue Tsar Nicholas II out of Russia during the Russian Revolution, and was also asked to participate in the assassination of Gregori Rasputin.


Ultimately Tsar Nicholas II refused the assistance of Locker-Lampson, refusing to leave his family behind in Russia while he made his escape. The decision to stay in Russia ultimately lead to the death of the Tsar and his family.


Locker-Lampson was also involved in another historic figure's successful escape, this time during the reign of the Nazi's in the 1930's. Locker-Lampson hated fascism and lobbied to help Jews escape Nazi persecution by granting them British citizenship. While this plan ultimately failed, Locker-Lampson did manage to provide safe passage for Albert Einstein and Sigmund Freud to England and out of the Nazi's reach. Oliver also managed to provide safe passage out of Europe for many common Jewish people and is lauded for his efforts.


Locker-Lampson was also one of the few British MP's who maintained his support for Winston Churchill during the 1930's when Churchill was out of favour with almost all British politicians.


Without the assistance and bravery of Oliver Stillingfleet Locker-Lampson and many others, World War II may have ended differently, and we as a society may have lost Albert Einstein, Sigmund Freud and many others who have contributed greatly to the 20th century.

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