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Family Members Still to be Added:

Having so many famous ancestors & distant relatives is a mixed blessing! Believe it or not, it takes a significant amount of time to write, edit and then publish each page on this website. Even though I already have many relatives listed, there are a lot more where that came from! Here is a list of only a fraction of my relatives that have yet to have a page published:

Roy, Bert and Charlie Conacher - members of Canada's famous Conacher sports family.

US President George Herbert Walker Bush

US President George Walker Bush

US President Jimmy Carter

US President Richard Nixon

US President Thomas Jefferson

US President James Madison

Confederate President Jefferson Davis

US President Grover Cleveland

US President Herbert Hoover

US President Millard Fillmore

US President Zachary Taylor

US President John Quincy Adams

Author Agatha Christie

Spencer Tracy - actor & romantic partner of another cousin, Katherine Hepburn

Princes William, Harry, George, Louis, Charles, Andrew and Edward.

Princesses Charlotte, Anne, Beatrice, Eugenie.

Grace Slick - lead singer of Jefferson Airplane

James Taylor - singer & composer

Dylan Efron - athlete & social media influencer (brother of Zac Efron)

Sir James Croft, a conspirator against Queen Mary I

Pope Callixtus II

Lee Marvin - actor 

John Wayne - actor

King Edward III

King Edward IV

King Richard III

Robert E. Lee - Conderate General

H.H. Holmes (America's first known serial killer)

Julia Child - chef/TV personality

Steve McQueen - actor & the King of Cool

And many, many more members of European royalty & nobility as well as dozens of other historical figures too numerous to list!

With each page taking at least a few hours of work with the research, writing, editing and then finally posting, I hope to chip away at this list faster than I keep adding notable relatives to it! Stay tuned and keep coming back for more updates!

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