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King James

My Paternal 11th Great Aunt, Margaret Galloway and Her Ties To Royalty

Sometimes researching your family history results in surprises. One of my biggest surprises came when I found out my 11 times paternal Great Aunt, Margaret Galloway, married into the Rattray Family of Scotland and how the Rattray's were directly related to Royalty.


Margaret's husband, Thomas R. Rattray, was a descendant of Sir John Stewart, 2nd Earl of Atholl. Sir John Stewart was Thomas' 5 times Great Grandfather. Sir John Stewart's parents were Sir James Stewart, the Black Knight of Lorn, and Queen Dowager of Scotland, Joan Beaufort, widow of King James I of Scotland.


When The Black Knight married Joan Beaufort, he became step-father to King James II of Scotland. This made King James II a Great Uncle to Margaret's husband, Thomas Rattray.


A little closer to Thomas Rattray was his Great Grandfather, Sir Patrick Drummond, 3rd Lord Drummond. Sir Patrick married Margaret Stewart who was the daughter of Alexander, Duke of Albany. The Duke of Albany was the 2nd son of King James II.Patrick and Margaret had only one daughter, Sibylla Drummond, who would be a Great Aunt to Thomas and half sister to his Paternal Grandmother, Anne Drummond.


Thomas's 3rd Great Grandfather was Walter Drummond, son of William Drummond. William Drummond's sister, and Thomas' 5 times Great Aunt, was Elizabeth Drummond who married George, Master of Angus and heir of Archibald, Fifth Earl of Angus. Elizabeth's granddaughter was Lady Margaret Douglas, mother of Lord Darnley, father of King James VI. King James VI had descendants in the kings of Britain, France, Spain, Prussia, Germany, etc.


Quite a mixture for one family and untying this genetic mess will be a bit like trying to untangle dried spaghetti, but it will be fun to try!



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