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Eleanor Ann Robinson,
My Maternal 2nd Cousin

A photo of my 2nd cousin Eleanor Ann Robinson and her husband, Charles Ridley. She was the niece of my 3 times Great Grandmother Hannah Scoby, mother of my 2 times Great Grandfather, Richard Tinsdill, who was Great Grandma Redding's father. It's all easy to follow if you think about it :)


I found this photo using a "hint" from and located Eleanor and Charles' photo on another relative's family tree.

Using information I already had available from birth, marriage and census records, it was relatively easy to verify that the information was correct and that Eleanor was a cousin. There are also phyiscal features that closely match to my maternal Great-Grandmother, Margueritte Tinsdill who would have been Eleanor's 1st cousin.


At some point I will post a list of how to determine the relationship between people and what "x times removed" means as it can become quite confusing. Suffice to say, Eleanor was a direct bloodline ancestor.


Unfortunately the Ancestry member who posted Eleanor's photo has not yet responded to my email enquiry. This happens quite frequently and for some reason some people are hesitant about contacting other family members, distant or close. I have had mixed results with this but for those where I have had good results, such as contacting my cousins in England, I have made wonderful new friends as well as having found "lost" family.

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