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Humphrey Bogart - Another Famous Cousin!

Several months ago I noted that some of my other famous cousins (Andrew & Elisabeth Shue, Frank W. Woolworth and others) were related to one of the Silver Screen's legends, Humphrey Bogart.

I could not immediately find a connection and put the task of tracing this celebrity's family on the back-burner. I then managed to find some time this week to start the search and found that Humphrey Bogart and I are related, and are cousins, 9th cousins 2x removed to be exact. It turns out that we have at least one common set of grandparents; my 10th Great Grandparents, Henry Burt and Eulalia Marche were Humphrey's 8th Great Grandparents. We may also have another family connection through our shared Stiles ancestors (outside of our immediate connection through our common Burt grandparents). I have yet to investigate the possibility of multiple familial connections, but it looks like there is a strong probability that we have other connections.

Another day, another famous ancestor found, and one who is a cultural icon as well! I will be putting together a webpage in tribute to this famous cousin soon, and I will also be including information about his last wife, screen legend Lauren Bacall, who I always thought was not only beautiful, but the epitome of what a Hollywood siren was. The other famous actors that Bogart & Bacall knew and called friends is equally stunning so it may take some time for me to be able to write a suitable tribute.

In the meantime, "Here's looking at you, kid." as my famous cousin said in the classic film "Casablanca"!

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