Surprising Family Discoveries

My family discoveries have been quite surprising and contain historical figures from Europe and North America. Many of these relatives and the people with whom they were associated are known to millions of people around the world. With each discovery I have made, I continue to be surprised at how my personal bloodline ties into so many well known figures from history.

No one has been more surprised by these discoveries than I have, especially since all of these people originate on my paternal side, a side of my family that I have known very little about. Both of my paternal grandparents were dead long before I was born, and my knowledge of them was limited to a handful of stories I heard over the years. My paternal grandmother died as the result of a car accident in December, 1953 and my paternal grandfather of cancer in April, 1959. My father was only 11 when his mother passed, and 17 when his father passed. As I grew up, I knew very little about my paternal grandparents and knew only a handful of immediate relatives from that side of the family. My maternal side of the family though, I knew quite well - or at least that is what I thought.