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My Puritan Ancestors

This weekend has been full of surprises for me. While I was researching my Taylor lineage, which I have managed to trace back to the birth of my 9th Great Grandfather, Stephen Taylor in Massachusetts in 1618, I ran across more ancestors.

Some of the ancestors I discovered are apparently very well known in the USA and include my 10x Great Grandparents, Hugh and Anne Calkins, who were Puritans as well as founders of several New England towns. In addition, a number of these "new" American ancestors of mine were also Revolutionary War soldiers. Quite an exciting find for me so now I am endeavouring to find out more about yet another intriguing branch of my every growing family.

I have published a page about Hugh and Anne Calkins on my website which contains a published biography of them. Please check it out - it is a long read, but quite interesting from an historical point of view.

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