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Thomas Edison, King George V, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle & Flo Ziegfeld

What do these these seemingly random group of famous historical figures have in common? Well that is today's interesting discovery!

While I was building my family tree and adding information about my 5th cousin, Robert Jocelyn Durrand, and his wife, Claire Brookes, I ran across a number of hints about Claire's family. Since I hate to waste historic information, I decided to add some of Claire's family into the tree. After all, Claire married into the family so her children and her relatives are all related to me in one way or another.

When I got to Claire's aunt, Blanche Brookes, I came across her marriage certificate. She married a man named Eugen Sandow. I saw Blanche's father, Warwick Brookes, listed as a witness for her, and for Eugen, a Florenz Ziegfeld.

I know the name Ziegfeld from the old Ziegfeld Follies and old vaudeville acts I've heard about and have seen in old movies. Well, sure enough, it was THE Flo Ziegfeld, founder of the Ziegfeld Follies and he was the witness for Eugen.

What I found next involves a world famous strong man, encounters with Thomas Edison, King George V, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and many world firsts in health and body building.

Check out my new page about Eugen Sandow, an extended family member who has just been added to my list of intriguing ancestors.

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