My personal journey documenting many fascinating ancestors and how it has changed who I thought I was.

This website contains my on-going journey researching and documenting my personal family history.


For the past 20 years I have researched my family ancestry using many different methods for finding, and then verifying the information that I have uncovered. By combining multiple research methods, I have managed to discover a vast family history that otherwise may have remained lost to time. 


Family research can be rewarding, exciting, frustrating and full of surprises. The key to success is being patient, knowing what tools work well and what do not. Most of all it requires persistence and careful verification of your findings. The rewards are well worth the effort as my own family discoveries will show.


My journey has been an eye-opening experience, changing almost everything I thought I knew about my family history.


My research has been frustrating at times, but more often than not, the countless hours of research have lead me to discoveries within my family than I could have never have imagined in my wildest dreams.


This website contains information about my family discoveries. Many of the names contained in the following pages will be familiar to almost everyone.  Each person's relationship to me is explained and I have endeavored to provide a small biography where possible.


I dedicate this website to all of my family & friends who have supported this research and helped along the way, as well as all of my ancestors who made a difference in the world, big and small, and made me "me". -  Brad Taylor

© 2023 by William B. Taylor

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