Celebrities In Real Life

My regular blog and website visitors will know by now that I have a LOT of celebrity relatives in my family tree. So far all of these famous people seem to be concentrated on my paternal side of the family, much to the chagrin of some of my maternal cousins (sorry Tammy!).

Most of my famous cousins have long since passed from this life, so my only contact with them will remain through historic movies and television shows, but I do still have a significant number of famous distant cousins who are still active in Hollywood. However, unless fate lets us cross paths, I am resolved to the fact that I most likely will never meet them as the odds of a celebrity wanting to know a non-celebrity distant relative is remote.

I would, of course, like to meet my famous cousins, but not to gush about their celebrity status and lives in Hollywood. I am much more interested in knowing more about their direct family's past and seeing what, if anything, we may have in common. As a history buff, and someone who yearns for more knowledge about my greater family, this would be of much more interest to me than their careers. Besides, meeting a celebrity who happens to be a distant cousin would probably result in me becoming a little awe struck and tongue tied!