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Discoveries During Covid-19

The past several weeks have been surreal, to say the least. The world we knew is on hold, and as the new reality of social distancing, self-quarantining and working from home are here for God only knows how long.

I have been fortunate enough to still be employed and have been working long, but satisfying hours in my home office (aka the kitchen table). When I accepted my new job I knew that it allowed for the flexibility of working from home, but this is ridiculous! Unfortunately the lockdown happened before I was able to set up a new home office so I am making the best with what I have.

With the disruption of a new job after almost 33 years combined with the uncontrolled spread of this killer virus, I have found little time to continue pursuing my family history research or my writing. Of these two hobbies, I feel a greater need to continue to document my family history - fictional stories can wait, but if anything happened I would hate it if future generations didn't have access to the records I have found.

I still have dozens and dozens of famous relatives to document on my website. Each page, I think, deserves to have a degree of personalization added to it, and that takes time. Just the act of putting together a webpage can sometimes be daunting and time consuming, but I am doing my best to get all these famous relatives documented as soon as I can.

Today I added in 2 famous - and living! - distant cousins: Carnie and Wendy Wilson, 2/3's of the famous singing group, Wilson-Phillips, and daughters of my other famous cousin, Brian Wilson (and nieces of Dennis and Carl Wilson) of The Beach Boys. Each of these cousins have been a part of my life through their songs, and the discovery that we share a bloodline was an exciting find for me.

There is a lot of work yet to be done, but hopefully between the long hours of work, the endless cleaning of the house (it's never been this consistently clean before, which is a good thing!), combined with the underlining anxiety of what is yet to come, I will manage to get a few pages a week completed. Until then, stay safe, stay at home and together we can all beat this new enemy who is threatening our way of life.

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