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Two Presidential Connections

Recently, through DNA testing, I have been in touch with a distant cousin (4th to 8th cousin) that we share enough genetic matches to confirm we are related, but as of this writing, we have not found our common shared ancestor.

Despite this, my "new cousin" Gwen, has quite an interesting family history. Gwen's story contains 4 legends of American history - 2 of them being Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt, Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Eleanor Roosevelt. All 3 are giants in US history. Gwen is also related to another historic figure in US history, this time not so great, but still interesting - Benedict Arnold.

Look for my posting on Gwen's mother, who was not only a cousin of Franklin Delano Roosevelt but she shared the same birthday, was a polio victim and survivor, and actually had the honor of meeting the President at a March of Dimes event in Grand Rapids Michigan.

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