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6 Degrees of Separation & More Interesting Discoveries!

Although I am directly related to the man who epitomizes the phrase (Kevin Norwood Bacon), I just discovered an interesting link to another historical figure that I find particularly interesting. While researching Jane Seymour Fonda's family connections, I ran across another cousin, Mary Benjamin. Mary was my 27th cousin, twice removed on my paternal side. Mary was a socialite and philanthropist who was the daughter of George Hilliard Benjamin and Jane Miller Seymour (my 26th cousin, 3x removed). Mary's husband was Henry Huddleston Rogers Jr. who was a good friend of none other than one of my favorite authors, Mark Twain. The Rogers family was also involved with Standard Oil, the company that my 14th cousin, 4x removed, John Davison Rockefeller and his brother William founded. There is another interesting connection to Jane Fonda here other than her direct relationship to Mary Benjamin, who was Jane's Great Aunt; Mary's daughter, Mary Millicent Abigail Huddleston Rogers, Jane's cousin, not only was a patron of the arts and a fashion trend setter, but also was an early leader in the Native People civil rights movement. I guess that this is even more proof of my theory that many character traits are genetic and not necessarily formed only through environment! I've included pictures of Mary Benjamin Rogers, Millicent Huddleston Rogers and Jane Fonda

so that you can see how much these 3 incredible women have in common.


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