Using DNA To Discover Family

A few years ago I started using DNA testing to assist with discovering more about my heritage after hitting a wall in my research. I had found these roadblocks to be extremely frustrating and, not being one who gives up easily (or at all!), I thought I would take a DNA test to try and solve some of these family mysteries.

I first took an autosomnal test from The autosomnal test provided me with an overview of my genetic make-up, both maternal and paternal, and provided some interesting information regarding my ethnic background. However, the autosomnal test provided me with too much general information to be of much use. I then took a Y chromosome DNA test which focused strictly on my paternal lineage. The Y chromosome in men passes from father to son, uninterrupted, from generation to generation. This test provided me with more specific information regarding my paternal lineage which helped me confirm some previously unknown relatives (on my paternal side my grandfather and his mother, my great-grandmother's paternity was at question).

With the in