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Silent Film Stars and The People's Princess

I apologize to my blog followers for being lax in updating my website and blog, but, as they say "life happens" and often gets in the way of things I would rather be doing.

Yesterday my faithful German Sheppard and companion for the last 13 years, Hailey, left this world after fighting valiantly against the battle of aging which, if we are lucky, we all will face. As difficult as the decision was to send Hailey to the next world, it is a relief that she is no longer suffering and struggling.

With Hailey's health no longer a concern, but her death still weighing on my mind, I decided to return to some of my family research and update a few biographies of some of my many famous relatives.

I have added two new web pages, one for my 1st cousins, Lillian and Dorothy Gish, who were both famous Silent Film actresses and so much more. The other page I have added was not for a direct family member (at least from what I have been able to discover thus far), but a family member nonetheless, related by marriage through two different cousins, Lady Diana Spencer, better known as Princess Diana.

I hope to have more time in the near future to add even more of my interesting relatives to my website. I hope to soon add my cousins: Frank W. Woolworth, founder of the Woolworth Five and Dime stores, his granddaughter Barbara Hutton (poor little rich girl), Humphrey Bogart and many others who have made my family tree such an interesting project.

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