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Family History

Over the past several months I have been busy turning my family history research into 2 fictional novels, Bloodlines: Cove Point Manor and Bloodlines: Of Noble Blood.

Both novels were inspired by many of the interesting ancestors that my family research has uncovered. While fictional accounts, with characters taken to the extreme in order to make the stories interesting, I suspect that fact may be more interesting than fiction.

In the case of "Cove Point Manor", my inspiration came from the discovery that the Woolworth family of the Woolworth Five and Dime stores fame, are close relatives on my paternal side. While Frank Woolworth's rise from humble beginnings to one of the wealthiest men in the world is admirable, the rapid decline and tragedies that followed in the 2nd and 3rd generations of the family are infamous.

For "Of Noble Blood", my inspiration also comes from family discoveries that tie my family in with several noble families of Europe, again through my paternal lineage. While I have not uncovered anything at all like the story, I have found a common theme with wealthier relatives in which they quickly break off contact when they confirm you are a distant relative. This theme seems common from what I have found with other family ancestry researchers with whom I have spoken. Oh well, it's their loss - I'm not chasing imaginary fortunes, only seeking to piece together a complex ancestral history for the benefit of my own knowledge and for that of future generations.

I feel strongly that it is important for people to understand their roots and to understand the choices their ancestors made that brought them to where they are today. For me, personally, knowing that my bloodline extends to some of the greats of the past several centuries has helped instill in me the confidence to take chances and believe in myself. As for the money aspect, I have my own, thank-you-very-much; I am only interested in piecing together my past.

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