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More Family Found

Today is Simcoe Day in Ontario, a public holiday designed to give working people an extra day off to enjoy our all too short summers. It is also a day that families usually spend time together either during their "staycations" or spending time camping, boating or being at the cottage. Family memories are often made during our summer long weekends.

This week I am happy to report that I have not only made contact with another long-lost family member, but that family member was able to provide me my first view of my parental grandmother's family. I have been researching my family for years and know a lot of the names, but now I can finally see what my Great Grandmother Margaret McLagan (nee Hall) and Great Grandfather James McLagan looked like, as well as several of my Great Aunts and Uncles.

Finding family that you never knew existed is exciting and can lead to interesting discussions, helping you to fill in a more personal history than you find on census records and government documents. Finding actual pictures of your ancestors is even better - and recognizing yourself or other family members in these long gone family members is priceless.

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