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The Kennedy Connection

Well I am back in Canada and finally over (most) of my jet lag. Today's family discovery is another connection to the Kennedy family of the USA. My prior discovery was through the Haig family and their distillery empire which included their US business partner, Joseph Kennedy.

Through the marriage of my cousin Major-General Sir Henry Trotter to Lady Eva Gifford, and through Eva's niece's marriage into the Harlech family, we are introduced to the 5th Baron Harlech, William David Ormsby-Gore who was a personal friend to the Kennedy family and British Ambassador to the United States during the Kennedy and Johnson administrations.

Additionally, two of his daughters had connections to legendary Rock and Roll legends, Mick Jagger and Eric Clapton.

Triumph, intrigue, tragedy and involvement in some of the 20th century's most important turning points await in this new story.

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