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An Historic Estate, Beer and Royalty

Today's post centres around the wife of my 4th cousin, Colonel James Evan Bruce Baillie of Dochfour, 2nd Baroness Burton Nellie Bass.

Nellie was the descendant of the wealthy brewery family, owners of the Bass Brewery located in Burton-upon-Trent, England. The Bass's built what was to become the world's largest brewery company in the 1800's and their brand, Bass Pale Ale, lives to this day.

The family fortune allowed them to build an impressive estate called Rangemore Hall, an impressive Victorian building which survives to this day, although now divided into luxury apartments and no longer owned by a single family.

Rangemore Hall was last expanded between 1898-1901 with the addition of the "King Edward VII Wing" in preparation for a visit in 1902 of His Majesty, King Edward VII. The King liked Rangemore so much he came back for a 2nd visit in 1905, this time bringing his wife, Queen Alexandra as well as his mistress for a visit!

You can read all about Nellie, the Bass empire and the King's visits in my latest post about this intriguing relative.

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