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Learning From The Past

Today I posted a page about a friend of my cousin that I came across during my family ancestry research. I decided to post the page not just due to the sheer number of famous people this person knew, but because it reminded me of how important good friends and stimulating conversation are in our lives.

With all sorts of media available to entertain us, we sometimes forget that the best form of entertainment is simple conversation with good friends. When I think back about all of the truly memorable moments in my life, none of those moments involve television, movies, video games, etc. They all involve being with special people, having conversations that were filled with laughter, thoughts, hopes, fears and our dreams.

Whether in a large group or one on one, the art of conversation is something we should never lose. When I am in a room filled with people and I see everyone looking at their smart phones, typing messages to people rather than engaging in conversation, it makes me wonder if these people know what they are missing.

The best parts of my childhood, and as an adult, all involve conversation, story telling, laughter, sharing thoughts and opinions, hopes and dreams, fears and worries. The spoken word is personal. It allows us to express our thoughts, help each other solve problems, remember fun times and share our dreams for the future.

I was impressed with Clarkey and her ability to bring together many amazing people, from all walks of life, some now famous, others not, but all capable of creating a group of people who freely shared their thoughts, opinions and dreams for their lives and those of their families and friends.

I would trade a lifetime of modern day media for one evening in that humble apartment in France in the 19th century.

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