Good & Bad Family History

This past week I spent a few days down in Houston, Texas for business. With my family background, it's hard not to think of my ancestors and distant cousins when I arrive at an airport named after one of them!

This weekend was Family Day in Ontario, and President's Day Weekend in the US so I thought I would spend some time researching my family tree with focus on US President's that I am related to. I already knew of a few, but by the time I finished my research, I discovered that I am directly related to no fewer than 22 of the 45 US Presidents. When I include my cousins who were also First Ladies, that number increases to 28. Not too shabby considering I always thought of myself as a Canadian!

During the course of my research I also made some other interesting familial discoveries, some good, and a few not so good. Rather than ignore some of the bad apples in the family tree, I am whole-heartedly adding them to my family history. As the old saying goes, you can choose your friends and you can choose your enemies, but you can't choose your family!

Some of the "baddies" on the list include:

Frank and Jesse James, infamous robbers and murders who terrorized the