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Happy Labour Day!

I cannot believe that it is already September and this is the Labour Day Weekend. Before we know it, the leaves will all be changing and the snow will be flying once again here in the Great White North.

I've spent most of today updating my family research and adding some new webpages dedicated to some of my more famous cousins, Kevin Bacon, Andrew Shue and Elisabeth Shue. Each of these well-known Hollywood actors are direct relations of mine, even though we have never met. My discovery of our common ancestors came as a great surprise to me, especially since I've "known" each of these people through their film and TV appearances.

My American ancestors continue to yield a surprising number of famous and successful descendants. Each of my discoveries has been very carefully researched using documented family trees, and each of my discoveries can be tied back to a common relative, in most cases a shared Grandparent. When it comes to doubting the discoveries I've made, I am my own worst critic and need undisputed proof that the people I put on my website are actual relatives.

Finding so many celebrity and famous historical figures stemming from one family can be a bit overwhelming. In researching these relatives, I have also researched the family history of other celebrities and famous individuals and have discovered a pattern within families. A very large number of these people all have common ancestors, which may say something about a person's genetic make-up giving some a propensity for success. Whether or not this is true, I don't know, but I do find it fascinating that so many famous people share common relatives.

I wonder if anyone else has noticed this?

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