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More Pieces of the Puzzle

Although I have been busy with promoting my two novels, I have still been managing to find some time here and there to explore my family history.

In the past couple of weeks I have been in contact with previously unknown relatives on my paternal side. Some of these discoveries have been made through DNA test connections, while others have been through shared ancestors found on With each discovery another piece of my family history puzzle seems to fall in place.

Just today I discovered another branch of my US Taylor line which included yet another Revolutionary War Hero, as well as several of his offspring. What turned out to be even more interesting was that this line of Taylor's did not originate from my direct Taylor lineage, but through a different branch of Massachusetts's Taylor's who married into my direct Burt family via a cousin.

When I have some time I plan to explore this line of Taylor's and see if they may be somehow related to my direct Taylor lineage. Given the date that my Burt cousin married into the Taylor family, it is a possibility.

As always, researching my family has answered some questions for me while simultaneously adding several more puzzle pieces for which I now need to find where they fit; and I love it!

My journey continues!

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