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My 2nd Novel

My new novel, Bloodlines: Of Noble Blood is now available online in both e-book and paperback editions. Of Noble Blood picks up where Cove Point Manor finished, but this time Alex and Maggie travel to England as newlyweds and soon find themselves embroiled in a century old coverup involving the murder of one of England's wealthy noble family members.

Maggie's psychic abilities are strengthening and she finds an unusual ally in the ghost of a little girl, Caroline, who contacts Maggie while she tours Kensington Palace. While in England, Alex and Maggie contact one of Alex's clients and put him in touch with Earl Glendon, the patriarch of one the wealthiest noble families in Britain, with whom he shares a bloodline.

Murder, conspiracy and ghostly happenings abound in this fast-pace mystery which will keep the reader guessing until the very end!

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