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A Royal Connection Or Two

During my family tree research I was astonished to find that I have several ancestors who, in one way or another, had ties to the Royal Families of Europe. My paternal 2nd cousin, Agnes Wortherspoon Galloway, through her marriage to Edwin Haig, has ties to the current British Royal Family by way of The Duchess of Cambridge, Camilla.

My paternal 11th Great Aunt, Margaret Galloway, through her marriage to Thomas R. Rattray, has direct ties to Joan Beaufort, Queen of Scotland and wife of James I, King of Scotland. Joan Beaufort was Thomas R. Rattray's 6th Great Grandmother.

Another cousin, my paternal 3rd cousin, Lady Augusta Frederica Bruce Stanley, was a personal friend as well as a Lady of the Bedchamber to Her Majesty, Queen Victoria.

There are many other relatives, both close and distant, who are tied into European Nobility. While fascinating, chasing down all of these connections can be quite daunting. Over the next several months I will attempt to do this, but want to ensure I don't neglect the other fascinating relatives in my family who, while not royalty, were nonetheless great people.

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