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Long Lost Relatives = New Friends

As I start to build this website and add some long lost relatives to the pages, I realized that families can easily grow apart over time. Sometimes this is no one's fault - life happens, we get busy, have families and careers of our own, move to different cities or countries and then new generations lose touch with older generations. One of the rewarding things about conducting family research is being able to get in touch with "lost" relatives. I have been fortunate enough to have been in contact with several such people, most of whom I never knew existed. I have even met my maternal cousins from my Great-Grandmother Moore's (Mawbey) side of the family over in England - twice. Our first meeting went very well even though it was short, so last year I traveled to Derbyshire, the birthplace of two of my maternal Great-Grandparents, met some wonderful people, got to see where the family has lived for over 200 years, and formed life long memories. In a couple of months I will be heading back to England and meeting up with some of these wonderful people again, this time in London, and continuing to form our familial and friendship bond as we explore one of the greatest cities in the world together. I can hardly wait.

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