Canadian Thanksgiving

Our Canadian Thanksgiving holiday is here, and while this may seem odd to my American neighbours, this is yet another subtle difference between our two common cultures.

This past year I discovered that I descend from some of the original Pilgrim's that came over to Massachusetts as part of the great Puritan migration (1620-1640) which came as a surprise to me and my family. Growing up in Canada, we learned about the Pilgrim's through cartoon specials such as Charlie Brown, but I never for a moment thought that my family would have taken part in that aspect of American history.

In Canada Thanksgiving has been established as a national holiday since November 6, 1879 while the US has celebrated Thanksgiving since 1864. Both countries had loosely held Thanksgiving feasts, but were not formally organized into national holidays until these dates. One thing that both countries had in mind with creating a national Thanksgiving holiday was to unify their respective countries and people.