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It is the end of another Easter holiday here in Canada and it has been a busy weekend for me and my family research.

I have just located another long lost relative, again from my paternal side, this time through my 6 times Great Grandparents, Andrew Galloway and Isabelle Seath. This "new" cousin is descended from my 6 times Great Uncle and is living in New Zealand. It's amazing to find a relative from my Scottish background that I never knew about who is living on the complete opposite side of the world.

I have also had the time to look into more of my 3rd cousin, Lady Augusta Frederica Elizabeth Bruce-Stanley's fascinating life. I have updated my post on her and it includes a lot of exciting new information - she was friends with influential authors through her involvement in a well known French salon, knew Florence Nightingale as well as Charlotte Bronte (of the Bronte sisters) and by extension many other notables from the Victorian era. I also discovered that she is not buried at Westminster Abbey after all (only her husband is) but is actually buried at Frogmore, where Her Majesty Queen Victoria is buried. Apparently Augusta was a very good friend of Queen Victoria as only 5 non Royals are buried at Frogmore.

I also discovered that Augusta had a number of her letters published, including those to and from Queen Victoria. I will now have to find the book and see what insight her letters will give me as to her life.

Enjoy and keep exploring your can be more exciting than any reality TV program!

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