Doctor John Rattray (surgeon), 1st Cousin 11 times removed (paternal)

John Rattray was the son of my cousin, 11th Great Aunt, Margaret Galloway, and her husband, The Right Reverend Thomas R. Rattray, John was born on September 22, 1707, at Craighall Castle.


I have found little of John's youth in my research at this point, but have found that he was a very skilled archer and golfer, winning many awards for both of these sports.


John later became a surgeon and earned his place in history during the Jacobite Rebellion when he became the personal surgeon of Prince Charles Edward Stuart (Bonnie Prince Charlie, the Great Pretender). Prince Charles was the son of exiled King James VII and II and sought to take back the crown from King George II of England.


John was with the Jacobites as they advanced into England and then retreated from Derbyshire (another home town of both current and past relatives of mine), eventually surrendering to the Hanoverians after the battle of Culloden. As the personal surgeon to Bonnie Prince Charlie, John's captors taunted him that they would have his head.


John was held captive, then released after the Duke Of Cumberland interceded on his behalf, only to be rearrested when he reached Edinburgh and then shipped off to London where he was held until he signed an oath of obedience to King George II of England.


After his final release, John returned to practicing his surgery, and to playing golf, until at least 1766. A statue of John Rattray stands today on Leith Links, Scotland, testimony to his golf skills.


John died in Edinburgh on July 5, 1771.